Shayla's "JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes Donations" Page

We're going to be participating in the JDRF's Walk To Cure Diabetes at Liberty State Park
on October 25th. It's our goal to bring $500 to the Walk, and if you'd care to donate toward that goal,
we'd be ridiculously appreciative! To help out, simply hit the link below and you'll be all set.
Any questions, just shoot me an email at Thanks a ton!

WOOHOO! Goal: met! Big thanks to all the family, friends and online communities who helped us reach Shayla's goal -- we can't thank you enough.

Of course, the deadline for donations is Friday night, and we're certainly not going to turn anyone away. At the moment (Tuesday afternoon), we're up to $530 in donations. If you'd like to help bump that up higher, we'll be happy to give the JDRF as much as we can!

UPDATE! -- We've made our donation of the $560 we've raised so far! We've removed the PayPal link and replaced it with a link for direct donations to the JDRF -- anything else that comes in will go directly to them. You can also use the donation link to see how things are going with our efforts. Thanks again to everyone for helping out!